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  1. Amy
    July 14, 2010

    I so agree with you. My 4 yo and 7 yo love playing games on the computer, reading on the iPad and figuring different games out on those devices and our phones. I think exposure at a young age is key.

  2. Rose
    July 17, 2010

    I totally agree! I was terrified to let my boys, 5 and 3, try out my brand new Mac computer and ipad. I didn’t want them to break them. I also didn’t want them to be computer illiterate or afraid of technology, it’s no way to live in this day and age. So I let them play games on my computer (PBSKids.org), and games on my ipad. They are confident in their ability to do so and now so am I.

  3. Jennifer
    July 19, 2010

    I agree 100%. My husband and I are about to have our 1st child in 3 weeks and the techno push has been a big topic of discussion in our house. I wouldn’t even call it a discussion it’s been more of a desire. Both my husband and I are pretty big geeks. He more so than I.

    As a matter of fact our unborn son already has and email account. We figure technology is what makes our world function these days, and it’s only getting more important in our everyday lives.

    There are still so many people out there that don’t open themselves up to new technology and I feel that they are going to be left behind. Especially in the job market. If you want your children to succeed you need to give them as many tools and skills as you can…even if technology scares you. Keeping your child totally away from technology, I feel, will only hold them back in the future.

  4. Nonna Beach
    August 2, 2010

    Good post !
    I can’t stand low life, girls gone wild, no decent values and stuff like that on the reality shows. Instead of actually living their own lives, some people get so hooked on some of the sleazier type shows and nothing on these shows is sacred…anything goes and so do we…to another channel, usually the Food Network, National Geographic, The History Channel etc. I like to be entertained by cop shows, mysteries and scifi too but I also enjoy learning new things to help me have a happy, sucessful life !

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