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  1. Priscilla
    April 5, 2012

    I have to say I was always put off from Apple products because of the attitude so many of the devotees have, such a smug “I am so much better than you because I use Mac.” And that attitude is rampant in their commercials, which turns me off. I do have an iPod and and iPod touch, which I like for the most part, but the inaccessibility of the battery really bothers me. Plus the screen of my brand-new, 5-day-old iPod touch shattered from a very short fall from my toddler’s hands. For the price of those products, I was really disappointed in the durability. The fall was not considered anything covered by the warranty and it is only because of a very nice manager at an Apple store that I was able to get a replacement. The Apple store was a weird experience for me too.

    • Sarah Kimmel
      April 5, 2012

      Totally agree Priscilla! Thanks for sharing!

    • Monte
      May 14, 2013

      Not sure if I understand your complaint. You gave your iPod Touch to a toddler, it got broken. How can that be Apple’s fault?

      It was not covered under warranty but Apple gave you an replacement anyway? How good is that? The very nice manager you speak about is an Apple employee by the way.

      Do you really think others think they are better than you because they use Apple products? I think that can be said about any group of people whether it be Apple, Windows, Samsung … If you feel inferior because you don’t use Apple products then that is another story.

  2. Selfish Mom
    April 5, 2012

    I think my favorite reason up there is how a lot of the people who love iPhones can’t tell you why. Drives me crazy. As a Windows phone lover (full disclosure – I tend to get them for free, but would have no problem spending my own money on one), I yell at the TV when iPhone commercials brag about great new features that I was using on my first Windows Phone over a year ago. That’s not to say that WP is better because it was first, but the genius of Apple’s marketing is presenting their products in a way that makes you think they invented the feature.

    • Sarah Kimmel
      April 5, 2012

      YES! That drives me INSANE! “I LOVE Apple products!!” “Why?” “They are BETTER!” “What makes them better?” “I don’t know”…. ARGH! Makes me want to punch something. 😀

  3. Diana Durham on Facebook
    April 5, 2012

    Sing it sister! I was buying all the “i is better, apple is better, Steve Jobs is king” propaganda until I met the fiancée. He does Auto CAD, and is a self taught techie. I know where the on button is on the computer. I tend to click things, mostly because they show up on the screen. Yes, I have a problem, but, admitting it is the first step, right? Anyway, a few years back, after he built his current computer from the delivered cardboard box of stuff I had no clue what any of it was. He gave me the “old” computer he had also built. With in a few weeks of my getting it. It started acting “funny” (read I downloaded a replicating Trojan Virus, remember I like to click things that pop up on the screen). After three days of an extremely calm man, locking himself in the home office muttering profanity under his breath, and mumbling something like, “if I have to do a complete wipe…..”. I said these words…..”why don’t we get me a Mac or Apple they don’t get viruses” ….. You would have thought I had suggested chemical castration of all men in his bloodline, including him. That’s when I received my first lecture on “isheepeople”, his own word meaning i+sheep+people= people to lazy to learn how to use better equipment, that does more and that costs less, but does not have as flashy of a marketing scheme. I am now on Linux Ubuntu and run Mozilla Firefox. So far I have only managed to make him say “how the hell did you crash LINUX?” once. He loves me 😉

    • Sarah Kimmel
      April 6, 2012

      Great story! Love that he educated you. 😉

  4. Diana Durham on Facebook
    April 5, 2012

    I have come around to his and your way of thinking, mostly for 4 reasons 1) most of my friends are isheepeople, and at least once a day someone posts how they tried to update their ipod/pad/phone and it crashed and every time they try to update something similar happens, that they think they must be doing something wrong. It kills me that they never think that the i device/service is the problem. (2) Every time I said “so in so’s” phone/pad/tablet can do this… he shows me a device that can do three times more, faster for half the price and is more easily upgraded. (3) i/apple/mac is a pain in the nether regions to upgrade if they ALLOW it at all and (4) the whole “there’s an app for that” what the hell did you people do before there was an app for that? Ok, my rant’s over.

  5. Melanie Snyder on Facebook
    April 5, 2012

    I get more calls about how to troubleshoot Apple products….and that’s not even our product. I think they are very temperamental and I do not care for them one bit.

  6. Caroline Calcote
    April 5, 2012

    The reason that I first found your blog was when I was searching for reviews for the Palm Pre (which I loved and I really appreciated your posts about it). When Palm basically died I migrated to the HTC Evo Shift and again found you in step with where I wanted to go. I have really appreciated all your posts about NON-APPLE computers and devices. We don’t drink the Apple kool-aid in our house either, although we did break down and get iPod Touches for our two boys for Christmas. Those are the only Apple products we own. Once they are old enough to have their own phones, the iPods will be history. We have always used mp3 players and our phones for our music. My husband has always feared iTunes because of all the proprietary crap that Apple puts on your computer just by downloading iTunes. Now our kids have iTunes accounts on their computers, but it was hard for my husband to finally break down and let them have it. Anyway, I’m so glad to see a post from you again Sarah! I’ve been missing you on Tech4Moms.

    • Sarah Kimmel
      April 6, 2012

      Thanks! I’m definitely going to be posting more. I had a lot of stuff going on in my life over the last couple months, but the dust is finally settling! This was a good post for me to get back in action. 😉

  7. Bruce Dickinson
    April 6, 2012

    I find it interesting that Apple “fans” are really only fans because their circle of friends all have iPhones or iPads, and heaven forbid one of them go and get an Android or Windows phone. And maybe if they dared them, they would get a Blackberry. 😉 I’m firmly believe that you should get tech products based on your individual needs, not because everyone has one. That’s how I got my PS3, and it sucks. If Apple products are the way to go because your lifestyle and needs fit those products, then absolutely. But, I think generally Apple users get Apple products becasue everyone else has them. I mean, look at the commercials? You are literally left standing there feeling like an idiot if you don’t run out an get the newest, slightly tweaked iPhone or iPad. The commercials are total lies and yet everyone doesn’t care, and rushes to the store to get and iPhone or iPad.

    Apple does not invent. They never have. Apple takes an existing product, and makes it really pretty. I have to give them credit for that. Hands down, Apple products are better looking. The iPhone4 or 4s is the sexiest phone on the market. Nobody can deny that. Keep in mind, I’m not saying that Microsoft or any other company doesn’t suck. For the most part, every company has shady tactics and commercials. My biggest complaint is the fanboys. They ruin everything. In fact, they refuse to take a step back and at least agree on the fact that Apple doesn’t invent anything, they only make slight changes to their products that have been on other products months prior. I mean, is paying another $400 for the newest iPad vs the iPad2 a good investment? “But, the resolution on the new iPad is so much higher than the iPad2. Well, whoopity-doo!!!! When viewing a photo on a 10 inch screen, you aren’t going to see the difference between the two models. Unless you decide you want to view that high res photo on an HDTV, then sure. But, don’t forget that $40 proprietary Apple HDMI adapter becasue having it built into the iPad would be dumb.

    Let’s talk about viruses. Who cares!!! I have a 6 year old Dell XPS that has never had an issue. Don’t look at porn, don’t click on pop-ups or banner ads, and don’t download crap from torrent sites. That’s how you get a virus, and if you do, you deserved it. “Well Macs don’t get viruses!” Again, who cares!!! If you were a d-bag hacker that writes virus programs, and (I would say) 80% of the general population has a pc, why would you spend your time or l33t skillz writing a virus for a Mac. The time for that is way overdue. I wish that someone would make such an a-hole of a virus for Macs, just to shut them up.

    in regards to Greg’s comment: The reason iPhones or iPods “work so well” with car stereos is because EVERYONE has an iPhone or iPod. Why would Alpine, Sony, JBL, or Pioneer make decks with only usb or micro usb ports on it when they know that the mass sheeple out there has an iPhone or iPod. Just for the record, I have an iPod. It’s 5 years old. At the time, there wasn’t another MP3 player. Apple totally dominated that market. I will replace it when it dies.

    Well, that’s enough for me.

    Sarah, your site is wonderful! Keep up the great work!

    • Sarah Kimmel
      April 6, 2012

      Thanks Bruce! Great comments!

  8. Morgan W
    April 12, 2012

    My single biggest problem with the whole iWorship thing is that Apple is more toy company than tech. Remove everything Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. from the world, and there would be absolute chaos. Remove everything Apple from the world…Well, there would a lot of depressed people who would soon find a comparable device. But life would move on pretty quickly.

  9. Monte
    September 3, 2012

    I will share my experience. I got my first computer in 1980. An Apple IIc. It was expensive and did very little to be honest. I started bying PC’s after that because of the price and programs available. I can attest that the Windows OS pre-Win95 was absolutely horrible. I am certain there was more hours productivity lost from people sitting behind locked up screens than any other time in history. BSOD became a very well known acronym much to Microsoft’s chagrin. My 3 daughters all have DellXPS 17 inch i7 laptops running Win7 and although it is much less infrequent the BSOD is still alive and well. In fact two of them have already had the hard drives replaced under Dell warranty, one of them twice! They are less than a year old. Virus’s and Windows…well we all know that story.

    Back to myself. I have used Dell XPS machines for a decade or more. All have been good reliable computers, the Windows OS that was installed on them has not been stellar to say the least. Do you recall Windows ME? How about the recent Vista? All horrible versions of Windows. I actually uninstalled Vista and used Win98 up until my latest Windows box had Win7 that I will admit is very good and MS’s best version yet.

    Last spring it was time to purchase a new computer, As a professional photographer I need power. hundreds of high rez images a day being processed in Adobe products is not for an Inspiron. This time I decided to try an Apple….I purchased an 27 iMac with a huge Thunderbolt drive and fastest Intel processor offered. 3.6GhZ I believe. I will never go back to a PC. Since owning this machine I have never had a single issue. It just runs perfectly no matter what I do. Not only is it the fastest computer I have ever used it is built so much better than the XPS Dells I have owned in the past, just no comparison. And the entire thing can be moved in 2 minutes. Just unplug the power and go.

    I have used both systems and I am not a ‘fanboy’ of either. I need a machine that works for me. The iMac does this. No Windows machine I have ever owned has ever been 100% reliable like this. There were so many WTF moments I cannot remember with Windows that I probably am a bit biased but the greatest thing about this iMac for me is that I don’t need to do anything to tweak it or even think about how it is performing, it just does.

    As for your top 10 list? Most of it has nothing to do with the machine itself. More your opinions of people who use them and Apple’s marketing. I really don’t see anything in your list that is a ‘legitimate’ reason to hate Apple.

  10. Chris
    May 13, 2013

    In other words Monte you like the operating system and that’s it?
    Sorry that I have technician experience and know how to fix those problems in my sleep
    I guess macs really are for those who just really have no experience with computers, or not enough of an attention span to look up and fix their own problem
    Next time build your own PC. Oh wait… You don’t know how

    • Monte
      May 14, 2013

      Exactly my point. Thank you for making it for me. You didn’t read (or understand) my post if you think all I like is the OS.
      I am a photographer, not a techie. I do not WANT to be fixing a computers problems, I WANT to be using it for work.

      Computers are not gadgets we play with and tweak all the time to improve performance, they are devices used for increasing productivity and efficiency. Every minute you spend fixing problems with your computer is a minute of wasted opportunity doing your real job.

      If you ever get a job you will realize this is much more important to you than having the ability to solve OS issues constantly.

      BTW, this is 9 months since my original post and I have still not had a single issue with this iMac…or the new MacBook Pro I recently bought and they both work very very hard.

      • Mike Korpi
        April 24, 2014

        Monte im not sure what you do to cause all of these problems but I suspect it has nothing to do with Windows. Macs have EXACTLY THE SAME. Hardware so they are no better in that respect. My Brother in law is a professional photographer doing NHL and OHL hockey cars and various other venues like casino’s he is even featured in the band Kiss Latest tour program. He uses a PC always has with no issue’s. He will not go to a Mac because of the available programs. I suspect it was browsing habits or other user error that caused your issue’s with Windows. I personally have 5 Acer laptops in my house, the oldest being 10 year’s old. No issues with any of them whether it be wih the OS or the hardware. P.S you spent 2.5 times as much for the same hardware just to have the most limited OS on the planet. But that is the Apple mentality.

      • Mike Korpi
        April 24, 2014

        Oh ya and My sister has a Mac book pro and has issues constantly. Bsod is built in to Macs too pal

  11. Monte
    April 25, 2014

    ok Pal! geeez.

    Well you got me there…I did not know the BSOD was built in to the Mac’s….Because I have never seen it since I used a PC lol

  12. HateApple
    March 30, 2015

    Thank you! That is exactly what I mean. I consider them to be the Nazi in the tech world to how they do things, restricting user to only how Apple wants you to do things. For those who disagree with them, will receive a condescending attitude from their fan boys.

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