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Disclosure: This post was written as part of my ambassadorship with simplehuman.  I have received compensation and product for my participation in the program, but was not told what to write or what opinions to have.

When you hear the name simplehuman, most people think “oh yeah, those super expensive trash cans!”  While yes, they do have the most awesome trash cans on the planet, that definitely pay for themselves in the long run, but what you may not know is that they offer a ton of other products that help make your every day life more efficient.  As a newly minted runner, precious seconds can separate you from the medal stand, and nothing.  If I was more concerned about the seconds I was losing during the day as I am about the seconds I’m losing when I’m running, I would definitely get a whole lot more done during the day.

Every single person I know wishes they had more time in the day.  “Oh, if only I didn’t have to sleep” or “if only the day would last longer” are phrases I hear from my friends CONSTANTLY.  What if you can create that time, though, by making your LIFE more efficient.  This is what the folks at simplehuman strive to help you accomplish with their products.

One of these products they sent me is the tension arm paper towel holder.  Prior to owning this little gem, we had a paper towel dispenser mounted under the cabinets in our kitchen.  Often (and I mean almost every single time) I needed a paper towel, it was because either one, or both of my hands were messy.  I would reach over to the paper towels and try to rip off one piece.  Just one piece actually being ripped off would be quite the feat.  Most often I would end up with 5, and still no tear.  I’d have to then reach over with my elbow to steady the roll to get my one piece.  Then once my hands were clean I could roll the rest of the pieces back up on the dispenser for the next time I needed a paper towel.

Now with the simplehuman paper towel holder, it gives me one piece when I try for the one handed towel rip.  It also has a weighted base so it stays in place on my counter instead of travels with me to the floor.  There’s not much else to say about it, but that it works.

There are definitely many other products in simplehuman’s arsenal of efficiency, and now you have a chance to win one!  Just go and visit and find which product would make YOUR life easier and more efficient, and then come back here and comment about that product.  Whatever product you comment about is what you will win… so CHOOSE WISELY!  One of my personal favorites is the pet food container (scoop fits in the lid… GENIUS!)  Someday I’ll own it too (I don’t have that product, but I want it sooooooooooooo badly!)

For an extra entry you can tweet about the giveaway making sure to follow @simplehuman and tag them in the update!  Come back here and post a link to your tweet for the extra entry to count.

For even more chances to win, check out the posts from the rest of our ambassadors!


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  1. KristiBug

    I completely love that Paper towel holder. I want to stab my current one with a sharp knife and throw it off a mountain.

  2. Thomas Murphy

    I would like the 55 litre rectangular sensor can.
    [email protected]

  3. Thomas Murphy
    [email protected]

  4. wallest02

    I had not seen the new retro bin before – I love it! It’s beautiful and sleek and I know they work wonderfully – never pinching a kid’s fingers and the pedal lasts forever. wallest02 at gmail dot com

  5. CairnMartinShundo

    I like the looks of the rice container. It would sure look better in my pantry than the big bag and I am sure it would keep it fresher.

  6. HeatherWoodwardGavin

    wire frame dishrack stainless steal would be amazing!  The one we have how is half in the sink so it doesn’t drain onto the counter!

  7. cozthegrov

    We constantly get people fouling our recyclables, so having the trash AND the recycles next each other is BRILLIANT, and its a can I feel good about people seeing.

  8. Julie Sharkey

    The foot pedal on our simplehuman round trash can just broke TODAY, so finding this post was opportune timing. I would LOVE to replace it with the “40 litre semi-round step can fingerprint-proof stainless steel!”

  9. purplelover04

    i love the
    Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel, 50 liter/13 gallon

  10. meadow230

    I would love to have the 55 litre rectangular sensor can, great for my kids and their sticky fingers

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