Tech News: August 10th

It’s been another fun week of tech news, and there are definitely some items that you will want to know about!

First up, we have what everyone has been freaking out about, and that’s the fact that Facebook will be splitting it’s mobile application into the messenger and the regular app, so you won’t be able to get your private messages inside the mobile app anymore.  This has everybody talking about what a horrible application the Facebook Messenger is, but it’s not.  Check out my article about it to know the TRUTH about that.

Next… speaking of instant messages… Pinterest has joined the fray and wants you to instant message through their application now!  I predict freakout over their apps’ mobile permissions in 3…2…1…


Now that I’m actually sending out a newsletter every week (have you subscribed yet??)  I found this news fitting.  Google has quietly rolled out a fancy new “unsubscribe” button within their website.  Gmail will search through your message, and if it finds and unsubscribe link it will add the link up to the top of your message next to the email address of the sender.



Last bit of news, which ties in quite nicely with our theme for this upcoming week, which is FOOD,  is the grocery delivery service FreshDirect has now partnered with PopCart and Foodily to help you get groceries delivered to your house from recipes you find online!  In their announcement they state that you will be able to put a bookmarklet into the toolbar of your browser and when you find a recipe online that you want to make, you simply click the bookmarklet and it will send the ingredients to you FreshDirect account.  Unfortunately for the rest of the world where FreshDirect does not deliver, we’ll just have to do our shopping the old fashioned way.


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